Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sent March 3, 2013

I have not gotten the package yet. I just contemplated lying to you to put you at ease, but I figured it is more important to tell the truth. It looks like you sent it to the correct address though. I don't know why it has not come yet. They don't leave things on the door step here if you are not in so you don't have to worry about that. I think it just takes things forever to get to this country. By the way I think I am starting to really love England. I was thinking about it this week and it's a really cool place. I think you would like it, they have the same sense of humor that you and I do. It is so dry. Love them, you'll have to come over and we can visit some of the people I have taught.
Transfers are coming up, they are next week, crazy. It is really weird, every transfer goes by quicker than the one before. It seems like I just started serving with Elder Blumenthal. things go really quick. I can't believe Richard is going home soon either. I think he is a Ap though, because sister Millar came up to me last week and said that an Elder Flores told her to say hi to me. The meeting they were at is a meeting that only AP's would go to, so basically he is in the top dog seat. I am sure he is a really good missionary. He can tell you all you want to know about England, I bet the two of us will have very similar missions.
I can't believe Jenny is still sick! I feel so bad for her. It sounds like she is going through a little bit of hell. Tell her that I love her. You never sent me their address by the way, I want to write them, but I am a wingnut and threw away the box that hadd their address on it.
We have had a couple cool things happen this week. We are working with this young man named **** and Elder Blumenthal and I fasted last week that one of our investigators would be able to make it to church and he came! (that was a poor sentence) That was cool. He is scheduled to be baptised on the 22 of this month, so that was cool.
Got to go mom. I love you so much! Have a great week.
Elder Hegerhorst

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