Monday, October 28, 2013


Wow, it is good to see that people are getting so excited about missionary work. It is such a big push that is happening world wide right now. Advice for your talk, I would just tell the member that they need to study PMG. It is the key to missionary work. It does not just apply to full-time missionaries. There is a sister in the ward right now who is very fired up about missionary work and she studies it. I could tell because the other night we were teaching an investigator in her home and she used the commitment pattern found in chapter 11. Awesome. There is a scripture I really like  for member work. 1 John 4:18 talks about love casting out fear. Sorry, I can not think of too much else.

Things are going really well here. As I told dad, we have two investigators that are doing really well. Jon is really cool I told you about him last week. Now he has a date to be baptized on and he is reading the Book of Mormon really well. A miracle this week happened with Liz. We taught her on Tuesday and invited her to church. She said she was unsure and would let us know. We called her on Friday to follow up and she told us she decided not to come because she was uncomfortable with it. After that my companion and I prayed that something would change to give her the desire to come. She called us Saturday morning and left a message saying she wanted to come. Miracle! God answers prayers.

I must get going mom. I love you. Have a great week. I am doing very well. I love being here, there is no better work in the whole world.

Elder Hegerhorst

Sent October 20,  2013


This week was a little bit of a crazy one, but it was a lot of fun. We have been going on a lot of exchanges lately and Elder Hamilton does not have his UK license, which causes me to stay in the area because I can drive the car. He is in the fun process of getting it though. I am so happy to have that off my back. Thank you for the assistance you gave me to help me attain it. I owe you and Dad a lot! I will pay you back for everything. I have a funny old couple next to me right now. It is funny hearing them try to use the computer. ha

We had a really cool miracle this week. When I first got here we got a referral from for a man that requested a Book of Mormon. We went to his house and gave him the book, but he would not let us teach him. He said that if it wanted us to come by he would contact us. Whenever someone says that it means you will not see them again. I know that sounds really negative. Anyway, so we saw him once after that, had a chat, but he was not interested beyond that. That was like 5 months ago. The miracle is this, this week we were driving somewhere and we got a text and it said something like this, " Hi, this is Jon I am not getting the Book of Mormon. I think it would be good for me to be a Mormon for a month, come to church, read, and do what Mormons do for a month and see if it suits me."  It was so awesome! We taught him the next day and he came to church this Sunday. It was cool. He is 23 and has a job.  It would be good for the Bath ward to have some strong YSA. That is the big event of last week.

This week we have zone conference down in Poole. We will be driving down there, it's a decent drive. Not too much else happening here though. That is really cool that Alex is the art teacher at the high school. What happened to the other guy? The track coach, I can't remember his name.

Thanks for your email mom. You are great. Good to hear you and dad are getting to spend some time together. You two are great. Have a good week. Love you!

Elder Hegerhorst
Sent October 13, 2013


I am pretty sure I talked to you about both Grandma's letter and conference. I watched conference last week. The only session we are unable to watch is the Sunday afternoon, because it would go till about 11 at night, so I have not seen that one yet, but look forward to seeing it come out in the Ensign. I read Grandma's letter and I replied to it. It was really good to hear about different things in her life. Since being on my mission I have realized I don't know much about my grandparents and I want to be better at that.

This week was really good for the area. We did an exchange with the ap's who now live in a place called Reigate, which was part of my first area. We had to drive there on Wednesday and it was cool to see the old area. I went on another exchange with Elder Patten.  He and I always end up together. I enjoy it though, because we are good friends and he is a really good missionary. Our main investigator at the time came to church, awesome. She is getting close to accepting a baptismal date, pray for that if you will. Elder Hamilton and I get on well and are working really hard. I am getting really close to people in the ward here. It is starting to feel like my home ward, I really like it. You would like the people here as well.

I am not too sure what else to say. I read Grace's talk, that is going to be really good. It seems quite complex, I think Grace is a lot older and wiser than when I last saw her. She has a strong testimony! It is good to hear. You are a great mom. Thank you for telling me I am a good missionary.  You are a good mom. Love you.

Elder Hegerhorst
Sent October 6, 2013


This week was crazy. I get on with my new comp, Elder Hamilton, really well. He is a funny man. He is from Colorado, but went to BYU for a year. A good guy. I got Cooper and Kenzie's wedding announcement a couple of days ago in the mail. It is weird, but I am happy for them as well. Getting married is becoming very peculiar now a days as we heard about in conference and I see every day.

This week was yet another one full of driving. We had to drive a sister missionary into Reading on Monday, because she is done with her mission. On Tuesday I went to the doctor. On Wednesday we drove missionaries around all day for moves. On Friday we had an all day meeting at president's house. On Sunday we watched conference all day. It was so good. I love conference! It is the super bowl for me in my life right now. I hope I can keep that mentality forever.

I am doing really good mom. I read grandma's letter. It was really powerful. She is growing so  much. We need to get Ali out on one. I have been talking to her about it, so we will have to keep our fingers crossed. Love you much mom. You are the best. Have a great week! Study the scriptures.

Elder Hegerhorst