Sunday, July 15, 2012

I am doing good. Just trying to work hard! we are having much success of late. It is a good feeling when you start to see the fruit of your labors. Yes, ????? is getting baptised! he passed the interview on Saturday. He has asked me to preform the baptism. My first time baptising someone and I have to give a talk on Sunday! Usually I would be all stressed about things like this, but now there is just no time to be stressed. ha. I think it is so fun being a missionary. It is so cool meeting people from literally every walk of life.

Tanner got his call? I didn't even know he put in his papers. Man, that is so exciting. Korea.  I am blessed to be in England. Not sure I could handle Korea. Rain boots? haha. No, I have never seen a missionary where rain boots. That would be really funny to see. I think I might be buying a suit today though! So that will be some fun. We are going to Sutton again.

I think it is so awesome that grandma is going on a mission. She will see so many blessings from it. She is such an awesome lady. How is things over there? you guys are living the summer life. ( there is no summer in England) ha. Was the fourth fun?  It was weird to think that you guys were having the barbeque without me. I hope it is all going well. My ankle is getting way better. I wore a shoe to church yesterday. It was really weird, I hadn't had a shoe on that foot for 8 weeks. How crazy! I can't believe it's been that long.

This week was awesome! we taught 19 lessons! That is really busy. I am getting so many miles on this boot. The pad on the bottom is starting to wear through. Sometimes when I step down I can hear the plastic hit. We had a number of miralcles. One really cool one was on wednesday. We were walking and we had been behind this woman for quite sometime when she stopped to get something out of her bag. We asked if she was alright and she said yes. Normally we would have just kept walking, but we both just sat there. Eventually we told her we were missionaries. Once we told her that it seemed like some thing clicked in her head. She started to tell us how bad her family life was and how she wanted it to be better. Then she told us that when she stopped she was praying for help, at that time she heard our voice. She said she thought it was God speaking to her! It was pretty cool:) now we see her everywhere( I think God is telling us something).

Hope everything is good there. Enjoy the beautiful weather. Tell everyone that I love them. I write Richard quite a bit, he seems well. I guess I am due for a weird compaion though.  Part of the missionary experience! Yes, the new pres is here. President Millar, I get to meet him on Friday. Love you mom. Be safe. John 14:27-28

Elder Hegerhorst

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Letter sent July 2, 2012

Hello mom,

As always we are super busy. Just too much to do all of the time. We are probably going to Haywards Heath today to play futbol. haha. It will be great fun for me. Kidding. Everything is going very will in the work. I am pretty sure that ????? is going to get baptised on the 14, which wil be very special. Hope everything goes well this week. Pray for him. He needs all of the help he can get.

Thanks for writing me. It was good to hear from you. I am becoming an old man. I let Elder Freeman cut my hair today! it is really short, I look all military like. So I guess that answers the question of if I got a new companion or not. Usually you have a trainer for at least 3 months. I get the privilege of killing Elder Freeman. That is what missionaries call it when you go home. Which also means that he is my missionary dad. Missionaries have a funny way of doing things! I like them though. They make me laugh. Tell dad that I will miss watching the tour with him. I won't get to see any of it, but some one told me that they come really close to where I am for the time trial in the olympics, so that could be cool. I got some post from Richard! We can communicate pretty easily. The ankle is doing a ton better. I do exercises everyday to help it.

I love you mom. You are the best mom out there. No one can compete. Tell everyone that I miss them and love them. They are all punks. Try to give them a hug from me, punch Lar, kick Cami, flick Avery, and tackle Carter all from me.

I love you, mom. have a good day. hope you had a good sunday. For family home evening teach the Gospel of  Jesus Christ. See if the girls know what it is. It is the third lesson in PMG, but I have found not too many people know it. Mosiah 17: 2-3 considering you just had fast Sunday. Oh and read the story of Ammon. What a man/missionary.

Elder Hegerhorst
Letter to Grandma DeeAnn sent June 27, 2012

Why did you have to go to that training? that sounds really crazy! but yet kind of fun. It wasn't for becoming a missionary was it? It sounds like you had a bit of an adventure. I am kind of jealous, but I would say everyday that i am here is a new adventure. I am learning so much. Wait until you become a missionary. There is so much to learn in so little time. I am down right exhausted. haha. I think the Lord finds so may ways to bless us.
Boston! that just isn't fair. All of you guys out having a blast without me. kidding. I am glad to hear it was such a good time. Ali told me that she really enjoyed it. I can't believe Cami is old enough to be graduated. I still have a hard time believing I am old enough. I still feel like I am a kid sometimes. What things did you guys do? I love reading about what everyone is up to. It makes me feel not too far from home.
The ankle is healing very well. I go to my first physio ( physical therapy) appointment today, so we will see how that goes. I can walk without the boot on or crutches now, not super fast though. I am hoping I wont have to have the boot on for too much longer. I have yet to be given a final date as to when my ankle should be back to 100%. So where do you hope to get called to?  Will your mission be an 18 month or 6 month? Either way it will be wierd for the family not to have you and I not there. The missionaries will love you wherever you get called.
The members here are so strong. When you grow up in an area where there are almost no other members around you, it either makes you stronger or weaker. The geographical size of the ward are pretty big. We get a ride with our bishop to chruch and it takes around thirty minutes. We don't get fed a ton, but there is this one family, the Leppards, that feed us every Saturday. It's delicious. Yes! send me some pictures! I would love that. I think my companion takes even more pictures than you do. haha.
I hope you are doing well. I love you grandma. Thank you for all that you do for me. Tell the Agles Hello and have a few of them write me some letters. I would love to hear from everyone of them, same goes for the Smiths and Hafens. Also if you could give the temple address to Amy that would be great. She said she wants to be pen pals. My mom has the temple address if you need it.
love you. bye
hello mom,
Well this week is crazy for me too. President Shamo is leaving and it is moves, so that is quite the week in a missionaries life. But it is really exciting I am getting used to being a missionary. It is becoming natural for me to just talk to people. I am going to be dad times a thousand when i get back. Sorry for not writing you last week. I thought you were just super busy. Any way I don't know if Ali told you, but i have physio on wednesday this week, so hopefullt that will strenthen the ankle. It is really stiff! It stays in the boot all day. I can sleep with it off now, which will be very nice. I don't have a load of time today considering it is not even p day. P days land on Wednesdays during transfer week.
I am doing great though. I can't believe I have been gone for 2 months already. We had a really cool experience the other day. So we were walking on the side walk and were about to cross, but we felt we should go straight and talk to this guy. We got talking, he wasn't super accepting, but took the book of mormon. Then we asked where he lived and it just so happened that I knew one of the members from our ward worked there so I asked him if he knew her. It turns out they are really good friends!! It was awesome.  Then he told us that he had been walking and was thinkin to himself "God what am i supposed to do? I want an answer right now, not tomorrow or next week, but now."  Then we walked up to him. He was laughing the whole time. We eneded up getting an appointment. I am very excited.
It sounds like it will be a fun week though. I miss all of those people, so give them my love and tell them to write me letters. I am glad dad will get better too. I hate seeing him in pain. he is the best dad. Tell the girls that I love them. I love you mom. Enjoy the Utah weather!
Elder Hegerhorst