Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sent February 4, 2013

Yes, I got a new companion, but I am stilll here in Maidstone. He is cool, he is form Vegas. Grandma sent me a large email so I feel like I am very updated on what is going on with her.  A senior couple named the Otley's always make us food. Like a couple of weeks ago they made cafe rio salads. All of the Americans loved it, but a couple of the foriegn missionare were confused. So, I really like senior missionaries. Grandma sounds like she is doing really good. She bore her testimony to me like three times, I thought that was cool. You can tell when people are really feeling the light of the gospel.
That is a really funny testimony meeting. This man sounds likee he is a real character. You want to hear what happened in our testimony meeting. So this week an older man in the ward passed away named Alf. It was really sad. But because of this everyone was getting up to the stand and bearing powerful testimony, it was really good. The spirit was really strong. Then this guy got up out of the audience who had been to church the last couple weeks. He had just moved to Maidstone from like Latvia or something. He gets up to the stand and says "I know this church is not true. Joseph Smith was not a prophet, there was no first vision. I know these things" then he handed a paper to the bishop and sat in the audience. Everyone just went silent. This old lady leaned over to me and said " what did he say?" I told her then she said " oh bless him! we all go through that stage, we'll forgive him!" Man, it was funny.
some other things that happened this week.... We met a roman gypsie. Yeah like the ones on my big fat gypsie wedding. He told me all about his life and I kind of laughed. but they are kind of the gangsters of England. He wants to meet up though so plus. We are teach a Peruvian this week you'll have to tell Cam. Nothing else really. We are also teaching an American.
Those are some good pics. Of course the one winter I am not there it just dumps. LAME. Well I love you, Mom. Have a good week.
Elder Hegerhorst

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