Sunday, June 30, 2013


This week has been a really good one. We found possibly the most interesting person I have met on my whole mission. His name is Lazarus, which really says it all. He is really intelligent and knows all about he Book of Mormon and quite a bit about the Restoration. We invited him to read the Book of Mormon and then to ask God if it is true, and he said he didn't need to. Then he says watch this, he opened the Book of Mormon to a random page and then read a really good scripture, looked at us and said "How can that not be true?" We just laughed and said good point. He is so interesting. Other than that, the **** came to church again. They are doing really well. On Saturday we went to a baptism with them and then did some service for them yesterday. Last night the whole family also went to a ward fireside.
We have heard of the broadcast, but it is not coming here until the 4 of July. So I will be watching it on that day. A nice Independence Day celebration. I can't really think of any thing that has happened of late. I am so grateful I chose to come on a mission though! It is already changing my life. I have not been happier at any other time. I know God is there. I know that true happiest can only come from living the principles of the gospel. That is why we need to share it. Not to get numbers, but to bring others unto Christ. John 3:5.
Elder Hegerhorst
This week has been another crazy and really exciting one. We had to organize the Zone Training for the first half of the week, which had me a little stressed. I think I was just stressed out because I had never done it before. It went really well though! Well, at least that is what people told us. I liked it a lot. We ordered so much pizza. Elder Evans and I wanted to get the most pizza we could for the money we had. We asked each missionary to bring 3 pound and we would provide lunch. There was a total of like 28 people at the conference and we got like 22  pizzas. It was great, there were even two pizzas left over in the end. 
We also had an exchange with the AP's again. It was really good. I always learn and grow when we get to work with them. They are two very powerful missionaries. We also had what is called a cottage evening. It is like a home evening, but different members of the ward come and invite their friends. We brought the **** family. They really enjoyed it, it was basically two hours of pure fellowshipping, I think it was really good for them. They are progressing really well! I am so excited for it. Pray for them. The Bath ward is like amazing. The crazy thing is that they had not had a baptism for over a year before *** baptism. I think the Lord is about to pour some serious blessings on them. 
Sorry for not emailing yesterday, Elder Evans and I had to drive a missionary to the temple so he could go to London to get his passport. He and I went into the heart of London, it was really cool. London is an awesome city. We will have to visit it as a family. 
I was studying the Atonement this morning. I am so grateful for it. Through the Atonement we are saved for both physical and spiritual death without any cost. What a gift! I love the Savior. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that He is my Redeemer. I am so grateful for Him.
Thank you for writing me Mom. I love you. Have a great week!

Letter to Kate
June 9, 2013

How are you doing! Are you excited for the summer? I heard that you changed football teams. How do you feel about that? I think it will be good. You look so old in the pictures mom sends. I can't believe that you are almost 14, that is so old! kidding. I  have been having a good time. We had a baptism on Saturday, which is awesome. 
I love you though, Kate. I am sorry I am so rubbish at writing you. I love you lots though. Keep being good for mom and dad. Make sure you read your scriptures. It will make you happier. Love ya! Have a great week
Elder Hegerhorst
Castle Coombe

England is so beautiful!

Mom & Family,
It was a really good week!  *** was baptised! It was so cool. After the baptism he was in tears because of the spirit he was feeling. It was probably one of the best baptismal services I have been to. He is really solid. I don't know if I told you or not, but his wife just recently returned from being less-active, so they now have their sights set on the temple. It is such a blessing to see people progress in the gospel like that. We have also been teaching a family called the ****. We have been teaching them for just over a month and they just came to church for the second time last week. They are a really cool family. They are shooting to be ready for the 6 of July. They have a 9 year old son named Jack, he is the best. They are such a cool family. I haven't had the opportunity to teach a family like this on my mission thus far. We also had a really good week in the zone. We were able to see a lot of success. The Lord is hastening his work.
I was reading in Moroni 7 this morning. It is such a great discourse on faith. I would highly recommend it. I feel like I got so much out of it. Elder Evans and I may have to go to London this week because his passport is expiring soon, so he has to go to the London Embassy. We are doing a zone training this week, so Elder Evans and I are in charge of organizing that. I am going to send some pictures and not write as much.
The church is true! I know that God lives. I know he answers prayers. I love you all. Have a great week.
Elder Hegerhorst
Letter sent June 2, 2013
After hearing about Steve's mountain biking accident
This week has been crazy! we basically drove the whole week. We had to take the missionaries going home on Monday to a place called Reading.  Then we had to drive people to their new areas on Wednesday, then on Friday we had to drive to Presidents house for a meeting. It has been an adventure. I also have my theory test for driving tomorrow. 
This Sunday was amazing though! We got this family that we have been teaching for a long time to come. The Mom is a member, but her husband and her two kids are not. One of the kids is 9, he is called Jack. He is really funny. He said that church was fun, but that sacrament meeting was boring. I remember thinking the same thing when I was his age. We also have *** getting baptised this Saturday! Awesome. He is so solid. I love the guy. You would like him as well. He is such a kind guy. I will send you pictures of the baptism. I am really excited for it.
I think those are the basic things of this week. This morning I was studying Ether 12. It is such a good chapter. I really love verse 37. I would love to have Jesus Christ say those words to me one day. That is the verse that Hyrum Smith read to Joseph in jail. They have a lot of power. You should read the chapter there are too many good things to say about it.
I need to email Ali, but thank you for emailing me. Dad and I are just free spirits, mom. You should send some pictures of dad and Ali. love you.
Elder Hegerhorst

Letter to Grace
June 3, 2013

You are the cutest thing! I am sad that I can't make it to your baptism, but I know you are doing the right thing and that makes me so happy! I miss you. I don't have any one to hug out here, so be prepared to be bombarded with hugs. Did Richard have an accent? If he did, then I will try hard to develop mine. I love you, Grace. Have a great week and enjoy the weather!
Elder Hegerhorst

Letter sent May 26, 2013

I really loved your email this week. I have always known you have a testimony, but it was so good to hear you say it like that. I think being Relief Society President has been a big blessing. It is funny how callings can do that to us. I know that my calling to be a missionary has totally changed the way I deal with day to day life. I love it. The gospel can give us such a better picture on life and the things going on around us. I don't know if you saw what happened in London this week, but it was a pretty big deal in our week. A lot of people were saying that religion causes those things to happen. They are somewhat right, but they do not understand that Jesus never taught us to be like that. Elder Evans and I watched the bible videos this morning, they are amazing. I love them! It may be the fact that those are one of the few forms of movies that we can watch, haha.
This week has been a really good one. *** is doing really well. We had to give him a new date to be baptised, which is the 8 June.  We have been teaching a family called the **** for a while. The wife is a less-active and the rest of the family is non members. Anyway, we invited the family to be baptised this week. When we did it the 9 year old son shouted for joy, it was great. That was a big miracle. We were able to teach a lot this week, which was also really nice. The Zone had the best week since I have been a zone leader. We were really blessed this week. We are going to be doing a lot of misc. tuff this week, but it should be good. It is transfers this week, I am almost positive I will be staying.
I love you lots, mom. Glad to hear you are all doing so well. Keep reading the scriptures. Ether 12:4. Have a great week and enjoy the time off.
Elder Hegerhorst
Letter sent May 19, 2013

It sounds like a wonderful week for the family. I am proud of Ali for graduating seminary! (even though it is a quite easy thing really. haha.) This week has been a really good one for us. We did a couple of exchanges, one of which was with the AP's. It was really good I was with Elder Curran. I could really see how much he loved the gospel. He always testifies to people with so much power. He is a convert. It reminded me how blessed I was to have the gospel my whole life. I was also reminded of how much I love it. It is the best! The Book of Mormon is so true. I read a scripture the other day... Mormon 9:14. It talks so simply. You should read it. I really love it.
That stinks that Grace is sick! Someone so cute can not be sick! Tell her I will pray for her. I will also, of course, pray for Cami. That is a bummer, but she wrote me and seemed really happy, so I don't think she is letting it affect her at all. What an example. I would probably be frustrated.
England is beautiful. I am really coming to love this place. The people are awesome too. I think you would get on really well with the English. The weather is no good here. It is still rainy and cold, the same old.  I have been on the computer all day so there is not much strength left in my fingers.  Our investigator is doing swell, we are also working with a really cool family!
Have to go, but I love you! Have a great week.
Elder Hegerhorst
Cole driving through London
May 2013

Joe gets baptized
May 2013