Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nigerian Food.  I think I see the cow foot!

This week was a good one.  ***** was not baptised, for some random reasons though, the chapels heating broke, none of the bishopric were going to be able to make it. We came to the conclusion to postpone it a week, but ***** was totally fine with it. He is a really good kid. The second 18 year old baptism I have had this year. I think it is good though. We had some good stuff this week. I went up on exchange to Woolwich, which is basically like Nigeria right in the middle of London. I had some good food pepe, foofoo, jolof rice. It is actually really good. (it has a lot more flavor than English food) The gross thing was when they put some cow foot in there and some other like cow skin stuff. I ate a little bit but started to gag when I thought of it as a cow's foot in my mouth. I would not suggest you ever try it. It was fun though! I was with one of my favorite missionaries, Elder Benedetti from France. He is a cool guy.
I can never think of what else happened in the week when it comes time to email you. I am really sorry to hear about Jenny. I really feel for her. It is because the Lord knows she is strong and can take these kind of trials. I am proud of Cami for getting on her mission. I was a little worried because of this man friend she has found. She is going to be a really good missionary. Tell her I love her. I am so jealous that you guys are going to California for vacation! The sun would be so nice, we just don't see any of it here. Oh, did you already send off the Easter package? The reason I ask is because my face is seriously breaking out and I mean that. I think I need some proactive or something, so if you could give me suggestion on some things I can do I would really appreciate that. I have bought some over the counter stuff, but it does not seem to be working.
I love you so much though mom. Hope you had a good birthday! Heard you have been using my surround sound haha. Tell Jenny I will pray for her. Hang on, you got Grandma's teenagers email? Does this not defeat the whole purpose? Have a good week.
Elder Hegerhorst

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cole says this is a proper English breakfast

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How does the being 43 feel? I think that is still young so I would not worry about it too much. haha. I hope you know I think you are the best Mom in the whole world. I love you very much. Glad to hear you have been having a good week. I sent you a card, hope you get it soon. My brain is super confused today, so if this letter seems scatter brained that is why. I had no idea that it was St. Patrick's Day yesterday. I guess they do not celebrate that here.
Our week was a good one, we only had one investigator at church, but we are seeing a lot of people come through the wood work. I don't know if I ever told you about ***** and *****, but we were able to take them to the temple on Saturday, it was awesome. ***** was talking about how he eventually wants to be sealed to *****. It was really cool, but we may have to cross the bridge of them having to get married before they get baptised and that is not an easy one. *****, might be getting baptised this Saturday. The reason I say might is because we just want to make sure he is ready. Oh, I am staying in Maidstone with Elder Blumenthal for another transfer by the way. He is a really good guy, he teaches a lot about loving the investigators and also a lot about world of warcraft, haha. He was the kind of person that played that game a ton before his mission. I can't really remember what else happened this week.
Thanks for telling me about the girls. It sounds like Kate is basically a star, she is the kid you and dad have always deserved ha. I told her that I am starting to like soccer a lot more, becuase it is so much bigger here. Did she get my email by the way? Tell her that I am proud of the young women she is becoming and to keep up the good work. Grace, I miss her a lot. There is this litte girl in the ward named Rose who is like 6, but she reminds me so much of Grace. She is cute. Ali, what a punk. tell her that the spirit goes to bed at 12 anyway so there is no good reason for her to be out. Good that you two ended the argument in hugs and kisses though, what a girly thing to do.
I need to email grandma, so I will have to end this letter. I love you though mom. hope you have a magnificent day! Take care.
Elder Hegerhorst
Sent March 10, 2013

This week was a really good one! We had 5 investigators at church, it was a direct answer to our prayers and fasting. I really felt the Lords hand in it. I love this work. It keeps you on your toes so much though, there is always something more that needs to be done! I guess that is just how it is with life though! **** is doing really well, he came to church again and seemed to really like it. He is a very genuine kid. I think he is starting to recognise the spirit and see the way it works in his life and in others. The area is seeing some good things happening. We were able to get some good lessons last week and pick up some new investigators, it was something we really needed. Elder Blumenthal and I have been working hard and it seems like that is beginning to pay off.
Have you gotten Grandma's emails? It sounds like she is doing so good and learning so much. I am very proud of her. She is a really good example to us as a family. It's really sad to hear what Aunt Jenny is going through, I hope she gets better. I will continue to pray for her. Ali, is 18. It is weird, both of us are getting so old (must make you feel a little old) haha. I am kidding. She is a good girl. Oh, yeah I had ***** send her a message for me. He is a reallly good kid. He just got his call to the Alpine, Germany mission. He does a lot for us. The other week he took us to this really good place called Nando's. That is probably why I like him so much.
How are things going with you? How is work? How is the ward and your calling? I am sure you are doing well in all of those. Have you studied anything good in the scriptures recently? I am not sure what else to write about. It's moves this week! That is always pretty exciting, but I don't think much will change for me.
Well I love you very much mom! I hope you have a wonderful week. Take care!
Elder Hegerhorst
Sent March 3, 2013

I have not gotten the package yet. I just contemplated lying to you to put you at ease, but I figured it is more important to tell the truth. It looks like you sent it to the correct address though. I don't know why it has not come yet. They don't leave things on the door step here if you are not in so you don't have to worry about that. I think it just takes things forever to get to this country. By the way I think I am starting to really love England. I was thinking about it this week and it's a really cool place. I think you would like it, they have the same sense of humor that you and I do. It is so dry. Love them, you'll have to come over and we can visit some of the people I have taught.
Transfers are coming up, they are next week, crazy. It is really weird, every transfer goes by quicker than the one before. It seems like I just started serving with Elder Blumenthal. things go really quick. I can't believe Richard is going home soon either. I think he is a Ap though, because sister Millar came up to me last week and said that an Elder Flores told her to say hi to me. The meeting they were at is a meeting that only AP's would go to, so basically he is in the top dog seat. I am sure he is a really good missionary. He can tell you all you want to know about England, I bet the two of us will have very similar missions.
I can't believe Jenny is still sick! I feel so bad for her. It sounds like she is going through a little bit of hell. Tell her that I love her. You never sent me their address by the way, I want to write them, but I am a wingnut and threw away the box that hadd their address on it.
We have had a couple cool things happen this week. We are working with this young man named **** and Elder Blumenthal and I fasted last week that one of our investigators would be able to make it to church and he came! (that was a poor sentence) That was cool. He is scheduled to be baptised on the 22 of this month, so that was cool.
Got to go mom. I love you so much! Have a great week.
Elder Hegerhorst

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sent February 18, 2013

Why does this keep happening with Jenny? Will you please tell her that I really appreciated the package that she sent me for Christmas? Those were some really good treats and a nice Patriots shirt. Tell her that I will be praying for her this week and that missionaries prays are super powerful so she will get well quick! ha. Poor Jenny. Well, I hope you have a good time in Georgia, not sure there is much to do there though.
Well I am trying to think of what I can tell you.. I told dad all the spiritual stuff, but I wanted to think of something funny I could tell you. Well, me and my companion are trying to learn cockany rhyming. Not sure if you know what that is, but it is like this slang that comes from London. Like Trouble and strife.... wife. So you can say something like "I am at home tonight with my trouble." not sure if that makes any sense, but I think it is funny. And so does Elder Blumenthal. We have been having a lot of people starting to progress, which is really nice. We have just had a hard time getting people to church which isn't too nice. haha. I am happy though. England is such a weird country I can't wait to take you guys around here someday.
Not sure what else to talk about. Let me know if I can do any thing for you. Have a good week and thank you for sending me a package and for wishing me a happy birthday. I feel like I am getting so old. How weird to think that you will never see me while I am 20. It will be a good year though. Love you lots Mom!
Elder Hegerhorst
Sent February 11, 2013

Life is good. Missions are crazy you know? But, man, I am so blessed to be a part of it. I do want to teach the gypsie guy, we called him this week and he said he will hopefully be free some time this week. My companion is cool. He is such a sincere missionary, he is teaching me a lot. I have enjoyed learning from each of my companions. It is pretty funny. I wish I could share more with you. I guess we will be able to watch it in the after life. Did you like my story about testimony meeting? Come on.
Things are really changing in the mission. We have been told that like 70 new elders are going to be coming in the next few months and that is just elders. There are going to be new areas opened and almost the whole mission is going to be training. crazy. It is exciting though. We are having a zone conference next week to be trained on how to handle it and how to handle the Book of mormon musical coming to London. Elder Blumenthal and I have had a good week though. I told dad some of the stuff and I am just to lazy to type it agian.
Grandma is going to have such an adventure. I think it will be funny to hear about. She will also be amazing. I think Valentines day here is just about the same as in America, but choclate here is better. Ha. It has been cold an rainy, but what is new? I don't know what else to tell ya.. anyway. I love you lots mom. Have a good week. You are the best. I look forward to spending more time with you when I get home.
Elder Hegerhorst
Sent February 4, 2013

Yes, I got a new companion, but I am stilll here in Maidstone. He is cool, he is form Vegas. Grandma sent me a large email so I feel like I am very updated on what is going on with her.  A senior couple named the Otley's always make us food. Like a couple of weeks ago they made cafe rio salads. All of the Americans loved it, but a couple of the foriegn missionare were confused. So, I really like senior missionaries. Grandma sounds like she is doing really good. She bore her testimony to me like three times, I thought that was cool. You can tell when people are really feeling the light of the gospel.
That is a really funny testimony meeting. This man sounds likee he is a real character. You want to hear what happened in our testimony meeting. So this week an older man in the ward passed away named Alf. It was really sad. But because of this everyone was getting up to the stand and bearing powerful testimony, it was really good. The spirit was really strong. Then this guy got up out of the audience who had been to church the last couple weeks. He had just moved to Maidstone from like Latvia or something. He gets up to the stand and says "I know this church is not true. Joseph Smith was not a prophet, there was no first vision. I know these things" then he handed a paper to the bishop and sat in the audience. Everyone just went silent. This old lady leaned over to me and said " what did he say?" I told her then she said " oh bless him! we all go through that stage, we'll forgive him!" Man, it was funny.
some other things that happened this week.... We met a roman gypsie. Yeah like the ones on my big fat gypsie wedding. He told me all about his life and I kind of laughed. but they are kind of the gangsters of England. He wants to meet up though so plus. We are teach a Peruvian this week you'll have to tell Cam. Nothing else really. We are also teaching an American.
Those are some good pics. Of course the one winter I am not there it just dumps. LAME. Well I love you, Mom. Have a good week.
Elder Hegerhorst
Sent January 28, 2013
This week has been a good one! it is moves on Wednesday so I think I will be getting a new companion. Hopefully he will be a cool guy, cause I have been really lucky up to this point with my companions. I don't know what it would be like to not have one that I got on with. Maybe I will be lucky enough to have good companions my whole mission. Grandma was set apart? That is pretty cool. Wait, you can see her after she goes into the MTC. She is so spoiled. When does she actually leave for Tonga then?
I kind of explained to dad all that is going on in our area right now and I am just too lazy to write ti again so if you get the opportunity, look at his letter. We had Zone training this week. it was cool, got to have an interview with President Millar. He is a greay man. Our mission is going to get a lot bigger. In the next three months we have some thing like 60 new missionaries coming in and only like 20 leaving. They are going to be opening new areas and all that stuff. It is an exciting time to be a missionary. President told us that we all need to be ready to train. So, not really too much going on, we get fed a lot in this area and it is causing me to gain weight. haha. Not too much else to say.
I love you very much mom. I am glad to hear you are doing well. The Church is true. I love the Gospel so much. I think we forget how awesome it is I love it. Take care.
Elder Hegerhorst