Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sent July 15, 2013


Yes, it was a fantastic experience to see the Daniels get baptized. They are a wonderful family. We had a really cool experience yesterday. Elder Baxter of the seventy is the father of a woman in our ward and he is visiting her right now. He came to church yesterday and spoke for about fifteen minutes. It was really cool because he directed most of his talk to the Daniels. He is a funny man as well, he had the ward laughing on a couple of occasions. The spirit was so powerful as he spoke, he talked to us about receiving the priesthood and what a privilege it is. I liked it a lot.

My new companion is from Virginia. His name is Elder Christensen.  He has been on his mission one more transfer than I have.  This is his first time being a zone leader. He is a really hard worker. I have learned that already.  We have had a couple of opportunities to do service with him and he works hard to get the job done. It will be a good transfer.

Things are going pretty well. We are in the building process now that the week is over. It has been ridiculously hot here the last couple of days, I am dying. Glad to hear everyone is doing so well there. Sounds like you and Father had a good time on your anniversary. Congrats on 22 years of eternity! Love you two. Hope you have good week. talk to you later.

Elder Hegerhorst

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