Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sent July 29, 2013


I know you always want a really large letter for me I am just not sure what to write. This week we had zone conference down in Poole. It took us about 3 1/2 hours to get down there, and the same to get back. It was really tiring in that sense, but it was a really good conference. We learned a lot about using members more in missionary work. It is something the church is putting a massive emphasis on right now. We all need to do more than we are right now. We had two investigators at church yesterday. One was a guy from Jamaica we met the night before. He is really cool. His mother is an investigator of ours and she had us over for a bbq. It was really good! They make some really nice chicken. whoo! Of course I am focusing on food. We also had a man named Chris at church. He is really cool. He was studying a lot with the JW's recently, but it didn't work out with him and now we are teaching him. He is really cool. He drove to church in Bath which is pretty far from where he is from... probably a 40 minute drive. Stuff like that really shows some dedication, so we are really happy to work with him.

We had a cool miracle yesterday. We had a goal for the day that we wanted to invite someone to be baptized and we did not have any appointment with investigators that we could invite, so we knew we would have to invite someone on the door step of the street. We decided to knock and we prayed mightily that there would be a person on that street we could invite. We got knocking and met some good people, but no one that was interested. Then we knocked on this door and a woman answered. We got talking to her and she opened up and told us that her brother has cancer and she is really struggling with it. It was really cool, because we were able to bear powerful testimony of the atonement. I really felt the spirit. Those are the best moments. She told us she would be baptized if she came to know it was true. We are seeing her this Saturday.

Well, I hope this is a long enough letter. I love you and thank you for all that you do!
Have a great week.
Elder Hegerhorst

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