Sunday, June 30, 2013


This week has been a really good one. We found possibly the most interesting person I have met on my whole mission. His name is Lazarus, which really says it all. He is really intelligent and knows all about he Book of Mormon and quite a bit about the Restoration. We invited him to read the Book of Mormon and then to ask God if it is true, and he said he didn't need to. Then he says watch this, he opened the Book of Mormon to a random page and then read a really good scripture, looked at us and said "How can that not be true?" We just laughed and said good point. He is so interesting. Other than that, the **** came to church again. They are doing really well. On Saturday we went to a baptism with them and then did some service for them yesterday. Last night the whole family also went to a ward fireside.
We have heard of the broadcast, but it is not coming here until the 4 of July. So I will be watching it on that day. A nice Independence Day celebration. I can't really think of any thing that has happened of late. I am so grateful I chose to come on a mission though! It is already changing my life. I have not been happier at any other time. I know God is there. I know that true happiest can only come from living the principles of the gospel. That is why we need to share it. Not to get numbers, but to bring others unto Christ. John 3:5.
Elder Hegerhorst

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