Sunday, June 30, 2013

This week has been another crazy and really exciting one. We had to organize the Zone Training for the first half of the week, which had me a little stressed. I think I was just stressed out because I had never done it before. It went really well though! Well, at least that is what people told us. I liked it a lot. We ordered so much pizza. Elder Evans and I wanted to get the most pizza we could for the money we had. We asked each missionary to bring 3 pound and we would provide lunch. There was a total of like 28 people at the conference and we got like 22  pizzas. It was great, there were even two pizzas left over in the end. 
We also had an exchange with the AP's again. It was really good. I always learn and grow when we get to work with them. They are two very powerful missionaries. We also had what is called a cottage evening. It is like a home evening, but different members of the ward come and invite their friends. We brought the **** family. They really enjoyed it, it was basically two hours of pure fellowshipping, I think it was really good for them. They are progressing really well! I am so excited for it. Pray for them. The Bath ward is like amazing. The crazy thing is that they had not had a baptism for over a year before *** baptism. I think the Lord is about to pour some serious blessings on them. 
Sorry for not emailing yesterday, Elder Evans and I had to drive a missionary to the temple so he could go to London to get his passport. He and I went into the heart of London, it was really cool. London is an awesome city. We will have to visit it as a family. 
I was studying the Atonement this morning. I am so grateful for it. Through the Atonement we are saved for both physical and spiritual death without any cost. What a gift! I love the Savior. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that He is my Redeemer. I am so grateful for Him.
Thank you for writing me Mom. I love you. Have a great week!

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