Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sent August 19, 2013


Thanks for the pictures. I don't have too much time today, we are taking a sister that is going home this week towards the temple, so we have little time to do much else. It is really weird to see Ali going to University. It scares me a little. I can't imagine what is like for you. I emailed her this week and last week to hopefully give her some nuggets of knowledge that I learned from uni. I also gave her Alma 37:35-37. She'll do great

This week was a good one. We got a new car! ha. It is like brand new, definitely the newest car I have ever driven. We taught Sammy and Rex this week for the first time. They are a younger couple. Really cool though. They both came to church this week. Chris is still doing really well. He is progressing nicely. We have a good ward that is working to push the work forward. Thanks for all you do. Have a good week and love ya much.

Elder Hegerhorst

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