Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sent September 2, 2013

We still get time to teach people. Last week was just moves/transfer week, so that is when everything goes a little mad. This week we had the conference that Elder Christensen and I are in charge of setting up, it went well. We also had the AP's stay at our flat two night in a row because they were going to our conference and wanted to a work over the day after. I don't think I told you, but one of my friends became an AP a couple weeks ago, so it was good to have him around. He is a great missionary and teaches me a lot when I am with him. I will try to send a picture of the two of us although it always seems to fail.
Chris is doing good. He came to church this week. He actually brought two of our other investigators with him, so that was pretty awesome. It is always a good Sunday if you have 3 investigators at church. The two other people that came are Rex and Sammy.  They are this young couple we have been teaching. They are doing really well and progressing in the gospel. The zone is also doing good. Overall I just feel good about how things are. I love this ward! We have a very supportive ward. It is so young, which is not too normal for English wards. It makes things feel really fresh. 
Grace and Kate look really cute. I can not believe how old they are, it's weird. Kate is in 8th grade. I remember being in eighth grade, it is a wonderful year, haha. Oh, I am finding it so hard to think of things to email about. Ali emailed me this week. You're right, she is a good girl. I have a lot of respect for her. I think she is a lot more mature than I was when I went to University. You should be proud of her. I am going to go now, but you have a good one mom and I'll hear from you next week.
Love you,
Elder Hegerhorst

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