Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sent July 29, 2012
Hey mom,
The funny thing about the Olympics here is that not that many people are too into it. I can't believe it! The cycling event just happened about 5 miles away from where I am. In a place called Dorking. London is a nice city. I really hope I can serve there. It is Elder Freemans last week as a missionary! I don't know how he is going to go back into normal life. He is such a great missionary. I am going to have to step up to the plate when he leaves, because the new missionary will not know the area at all, he won't know any of the people, so that will be a learning and a growing experience.

One morning I prayed that we would find a family that day who we could teach about the gospel. It happened. I prayed that the family would have a husband and wife with at least two kids and it happened! we taught them last week. It was so great. The husband is from Texas! Oh he makes me laugh! hah. The family is so special. You know those people you feel like you just click with? That's how these people are. I loved it. We are going to there home tonight for pancakes, no one here makes them right. I hope they do, with a bit of American influence.

Good to hear the family is so well. I love them so much. I think that is one of the thing that gives me the drive to be a missionary. I can so clearly see the blessing of a gospel oriented family. I love all of you. Tell gran and gramp that I love them. I can't believe grandma got called to Tonga! Why does she have to wait so long?  I also can't believe that she will be getting home after me. What does her mission consist of? like jobs and things? I love you mom. You are the best there is.

Take care
Elder Hegerhorst

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