Monday, August 13, 2012

A visit from our friends the Poulsen's


I am doing great and yes I am super busy. There is absolutely no free time. If I have free time I think I will go crazy. I realize now how much time I wasted when I was at home. I could have spent that free time developing talents. I could be such a skilled person if I would have just applied myself. I could easily speak like three languages if I would have studied those rather than sit at home and watch tv or play video games.

Elder Freeman used to always say, " happiness lives within those who share it."  How true that is! It is the ultimate way to become happy. I heard you had to do a bunch of visits last Sunday. the Poulsen's were great.  We met them in a park then they drove us to the flat because you gave us so much stuff! Thank you for it all. It was perfect. The peanut butter was probably the best. Kate's letters were hilarious. She said some way funny things. Did you get to read those? She dissed on your sewing skills. It was really funny. It's weird that they said I am getting an accent.

I love you mom. You have a really strong testimony. Hold onto it. It will be tried and it will be the only thing you have to hold onto. Thank you for your example. Love you. Take care.

Elder Hegerhorst

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