Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello mom,
I will try to write you a decent sized email. I am not the fastest typer which also creates a problem. The city is very hilly (not sure if that is a word). I am in Red Hill it is this small little city, lots of old people:) funny fact about old people here, they are not like the ones at home. I know I know i shouldn't say it, but they are pretty bitter. They are the hardest ones for me to talk to. We live in a pretty small flat. It is so humid! Everything is damp, it takes my towel two days to dry unless i put it on this heater thing in the bathroom.

The food is good! Never enough of it though. My stomach is going back to the way it was in college. haha. Some people are so nice though. The second day I was here we had dinner with this Phillopeano family. They are not members, but they treated us like family. They were having this big party and they invited me and my companion in and fed us a feast. It was great. There is this family in the ward, the Leppard family. I already love them. The father is the ward mission leader so we work pretty closely with him. We had corelation at his hous on Satutday where his family sat us down and fed us lasagna for lunch.(wasn't as good as yours). Me and my companion usually make sandwiches for lunch. If we make dinner it is always pasta. He has this thing where he likes to put sweet and sour sauce on it with some cheese. It is acually pretty good.

My companion has to be the best missionary. He talks to literally everyone! Not only that but he is so good at it. I feel so overwhelmed with the task of trying to become like him, but he is patient and tries to teach me. He is smaller than me which is a little surprising. He is really into photography so eventually you with get a lot of pictures.

The ankle is doing a lot better. It was huge and swollen for most of the week, but yesterday it came down and now i am able to put a little wieght on it. I have to be in the boot for another three weeks at least. Not to happy about that. They told me i can get rid of the crutches in a week.

Welll i hope this was long enough for you. I'm doing good, but it is really hard. It will take time to get used to. I love you very much. Since being out here i have come to appreciate the way you raised me. Thank you for implementing the gospel so well. It makes all the difference I can see it so easily out here. I extetened a baptismal date! It was so spiritual! and she accepted. Her name is Pauline she is preparing to be baptised on June 16. I really hope it happens. I know it will bless her and her families life so much!
love you
Elder Hegerhorst

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