Monday, June 11, 2012

Sent Monday, May 28th 2012

Thank you so much for the parcel you sent! The food is always good to have since everything over here is just ridiculously expensive. I didn't get the star wars fruit snacks that you talked about in your letter, which really stinks. I was happy to see you sent me something. You should send me some ideas for what i can do for cheap, good meals since I have no idea. With the brace i am not sure. I am supposed to set up and appointment to see a doctor soon, but i really haven't had the time. I will let you know. I am still in the boot for another two weeks at the least, so I'll deal with it. I am almost able to walk without crutches. I think i will be able to do that around wednesday. We travel with our feet. Not many areas have cars, only the really big ones.

So here are some of the cool experiences of late. we have had a lot so I will try to just talk about my favorite ones.

On thursday of last week Elder Freeman and I were street contacting and a man came up to us and said, " I have a couple minutes, tell me what is different about your church". Where to begin!? So we told him about the restoration, which he didn't take too well, but then he told us he was in charge of a methodist youth group and asked if we could teach them that night, ( it was a such a hard choice;) but we said yes. So we went and taught them about the plan of salvation.  At the end this guy, Raz, told this group of like 7 that we were mormon missionaries. Then he asked them what they thought the difference between us and them was, and this was their answer " well, they know the bible a lot better than us and they have the Holy Spirit".  I was so shocked.  I just wanted to yell out BOOM! The best part of this story is Raz called us on Saturday and told us that he wants to meet with us, so we are seeing him tonight! awesome! nothing better. Ok that took too long to type.

I love you mom. Thank you for supporting me while I am out here. I will definitely keep all of you in my prayers!  Thanks mom.  Tell Lar that I sent her letter.
Elder Hegerhorst

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