Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Elder Hegerhorst on Crutches!

Weird Crutches!
Elder Hegerhorst had a small accident on Saturday night while playing basketball.  He came down from a rebound, landed on another elder's foot, and completely dislocated his ankle.  He said, "I knew something was wrong when I looked down and could see the bottom of my foot."   It was completely turned around and facing up.  Gross!  They had to call the ambulance.  The medics gave him gas just so they could take off his shoe and examine the ankle, he was in that much pain!  They transported him, by ambulance, to the local hospital where they completely sedated him to reset his ankle.  Luckily the X-rays didn't show any fractures.  Looks like he'll be in a boot, and on crutches, for the first 6 weeks of his "official" mission.  We'll see if that affects his first area assignment.  He leaves the MTC on schedule tomorrow (Wednesday).  Hope he's less clumsy on crutches!

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  1. bless him!! :) gotta love little cole. still smiling on crutches!