Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ok, so much is happening all at once i don't know what to even do. Basically we had to hurry and pack up and leave the mtc. I didnt have time to write because we were so packed for time. sorry. I have my trainer! hahah. heres the story:
So we left the mtc wednesday at like 6:45, it was like a 5 hour drive on a coach (bus). I sat by some of my favorite people from the mtc. We got to our mission home which is on the London temple grounds. We had some time with Pres. Shamo and his wife who are just amazing. You can tell they love us all so much. Everyone there was asking all of these questions about my ankle. Anyway, then they did this orientation with all of the new elders. It was boring. After that they brought the trainers in and assigned us. My trainers name is Elder Freeman, he's english. :) President Shamo told me that he is the work horse of the mission and in the top three best missionaries in his mission. Basically he is like dad on steroids. We went to the temple this morning, then they shipped us off to our areas. It's weird. I went in my first flat today. On the way here we talked to this couple. They are so prepared! When Elder Freeman recounted the first vision the sister started crying. It was... amazing, crazy, unbelievable. We are in this town called Red Hill. It is in an area that has not been open for 15 years and they just reopened it. Elder Freeman says it is golden. I feel bad that he has to put up with a cripple.  He is very nice and patient though.
Tell everyone else hi and sorry that I cannot write them.There really is just no time! It is making me stronger.  Let the family read this. I love you guys! Remember that this really is Heavenly Fathers church and that Christ is still at the head of it.
Elder Hegerhorst

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