Monday, October 28, 2013

Sent October 13, 2013


I am pretty sure I talked to you about both Grandma's letter and conference. I watched conference last week. The only session we are unable to watch is the Sunday afternoon, because it would go till about 11 at night, so I have not seen that one yet, but look forward to seeing it come out in the Ensign. I read Grandma's letter and I replied to it. It was really good to hear about different things in her life. Since being on my mission I have realized I don't know much about my grandparents and I want to be better at that.

This week was really good for the area. We did an exchange with the ap's who now live in a place called Reigate, which was part of my first area. We had to drive there on Wednesday and it was cool to see the old area. I went on another exchange with Elder Patten.  He and I always end up together. I enjoy it though, because we are good friends and he is a really good missionary. Our main investigator at the time came to church, awesome. She is getting close to accepting a baptismal date, pray for that if you will. Elder Hamilton and I get on well and are working really hard. I am getting really close to people in the ward here. It is starting to feel like my home ward, I really like it. You would like the people here as well.

I am not too sure what else to say. I read Grace's talk, that is going to be really good. It seems quite complex, I think Grace is a lot older and wiser than when I last saw her. She has a strong testimony! It is good to hear. You are a great mom. Thank you for telling me I am a good missionary.  You are a good mom. Love you.

Elder Hegerhorst

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