Monday, January 14, 2013

I am doing really well. Everything went well for ***** baptism. He is such a good guy!  I honestly can not believe the amount of faith that he has. He just knows. The church has just started to build his faith. I had the opportunity to baptise him which was really cool. He is big guy, so I had to work out the whole week before to get him out of the water! ha. Kidding. It is a joke that we have with him. A mission is in the back of his mind which is kind of cool. I think when he gets more and more involved in the church it will just grow. That would be cool, but can't get too ahead of myself.
Grandma is going to be a great missionary. It is going to be a huge test, but it is good for her. Missions aren't easy, but they are way more rewarding than they are hard. Tell her I love her. I think I need to email her actually, I'll go do that. Things are good here. We have found some solid people which I am stoked about. I love you mom and miss you. Have a good week.
Elder Hegerhorst

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