Sunday, July 8, 2012

Letter to Grandma DeeAnn sent June 27, 2012

Why did you have to go to that training? that sounds really crazy! but yet kind of fun. It wasn't for becoming a missionary was it? It sounds like you had a bit of an adventure. I am kind of jealous, but I would say everyday that i am here is a new adventure. I am learning so much. Wait until you become a missionary. There is so much to learn in so little time. I am down right exhausted. haha. I think the Lord finds so may ways to bless us.
Boston! that just isn't fair. All of you guys out having a blast without me. kidding. I am glad to hear it was such a good time. Ali told me that she really enjoyed it. I can't believe Cami is old enough to be graduated. I still have a hard time believing I am old enough. I still feel like I am a kid sometimes. What things did you guys do? I love reading about what everyone is up to. It makes me feel not too far from home.
The ankle is healing very well. I go to my first physio ( physical therapy) appointment today, so we will see how that goes. I can walk without the boot on or crutches now, not super fast though. I am hoping I wont have to have the boot on for too much longer. I have yet to be given a final date as to when my ankle should be back to 100%. So where do you hope to get called to?  Will your mission be an 18 month or 6 month? Either way it will be wierd for the family not to have you and I not there. The missionaries will love you wherever you get called.
The members here are so strong. When you grow up in an area where there are almost no other members around you, it either makes you stronger or weaker. The geographical size of the ward are pretty big. We get a ride with our bishop to chruch and it takes around thirty minutes. We don't get fed a ton, but there is this one family, the Leppards, that feed us every Saturday. It's delicious. Yes! send me some pictures! I would love that. I think my companion takes even more pictures than you do. haha.
I hope you are doing well. I love you grandma. Thank you for all that you do for me. Tell the Agles Hello and have a few of them write me some letters. I would love to hear from everyone of them, same goes for the Smiths and Hafens. Also if you could give the temple address to Amy that would be great. She said she wants to be pen pals. My mom has the temple address if you need it.
love you. bye

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