Sunday, July 8, 2012

hello mom,
Well this week is crazy for me too. President Shamo is leaving and it is moves, so that is quite the week in a missionaries life. But it is really exciting I am getting used to being a missionary. It is becoming natural for me to just talk to people. I am going to be dad times a thousand when i get back. Sorry for not writing you last week. I thought you were just super busy. Any way I don't know if Ali told you, but i have physio on wednesday this week, so hopefullt that will strenthen the ankle. It is really stiff! It stays in the boot all day. I can sleep with it off now, which will be very nice. I don't have a load of time today considering it is not even p day. P days land on Wednesdays during transfer week.
I am doing great though. I can't believe I have been gone for 2 months already. We had a really cool experience the other day. So we were walking on the side walk and were about to cross, but we felt we should go straight and talk to this guy. We got talking, he wasn't super accepting, but took the book of mormon. Then we asked where he lived and it just so happened that I knew one of the members from our ward worked there so I asked him if he knew her. It turns out they are really good friends!! It was awesome.  Then he told us that he had been walking and was thinkin to himself "God what am i supposed to do? I want an answer right now, not tomorrow or next week, but now."  Then we walked up to him. He was laughing the whole time. We eneded up getting an appointment. I am very excited.
It sounds like it will be a fun week though. I miss all of those people, so give them my love and tell them to write me letters. I am glad dad will get better too. I hate seeing him in pain. he is the best dad. Tell the girls that I love them. I love you mom. Enjoy the Utah weather!
Elder Hegerhorst

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