Sunday, July 8, 2012

Letter sent July 2, 2012

Hello mom,

As always we are super busy. Just too much to do all of the time. We are probably going to Haywards Heath today to play futbol. haha. It will be great fun for me. Kidding. Everything is going very will in the work. I am pretty sure that ????? is going to get baptised on the 14, which wil be very special. Hope everything goes well this week. Pray for him. He needs all of the help he can get.

Thanks for writing me. It was good to hear from you. I am becoming an old man. I let Elder Freeman cut my hair today! it is really short, I look all military like. So I guess that answers the question of if I got a new companion or not. Usually you have a trainer for at least 3 months. I get the privilege of killing Elder Freeman. That is what missionaries call it when you go home. Which also means that he is my missionary dad. Missionaries have a funny way of doing things! I like them though. They make me laugh. Tell dad that I will miss watching the tour with him. I won't get to see any of it, but some one told me that they come really close to where I am for the time trial in the olympics, so that could be cool. I got some post from Richard! We can communicate pretty easily. The ankle is doing a ton better. I do exercises everyday to help it.

I love you mom. You are the best mom out there. No one can compete. Tell everyone that I miss them and love them. They are all punks. Try to give them a hug from me, punch Lar, kick Cami, flick Avery, and tackle Carter all from me.

I love you, mom. have a good day. hope you had a good sunday. For family home evening teach the Gospel of  Jesus Christ. See if the girls know what it is. It is the third lesson in PMG, but I have found not too many people know it. Mosiah 17: 2-3 considering you just had fast Sunday. Oh and read the story of Ammon. What a man/missionary.

Elder Hegerhorst

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