Sunday, December 16, 2012

Well, you are still my mom aren't you? ha. I should explain what I mean by that.  You worry a lot about me. I bought a nice winter coat a coulple of weeks ago, along with a hat, scarf, and gloves, so I am fine. Does that make you feel better? I did not get the Thanksgiving package, but these things can take time and I have found with the zone leaders that they do not worry to much about it. I am sure it came through though, as long as you sent it to the mission office (the temple address). You have it on my blog. I never told you but I couple of random girls found my address on there and sent me stuff. Some random girl from california sent me a pair of socks! What a score! So don't take my address off the blog please.
Moves are this week. It is crazy, it seemed to come so fast, but I do not think that my companion or I will be moving. I can't believe that Cami and Laura are going to be getting their calls. It is about the same time of year that I received my call though, which is pretty cool. I think that Cami will be staying in the states and she will serve in Austin, Texas, haha.  That would be great. Or of course I would love for her to come to England.
Things have been a bit slow here. we are starting over from scratch in a sense, so hopefully things will begin to pick up.  I have been feeling good though. I love that I get to be so immeresed in the gospel. I am beginging to understand the gospel a lot more fully. I have loved it. I am currently doing an indepth study of the Saviors ministry in the Americas. So good. And it is near Christmas! Weird. I think that we will be able to Skype you. We are going to a good family. 
Thanks for writing me mom. I love you so much! have a good week and merry Christmas!
Elder Hegerhorst

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