Monday, November 26, 2012

The ***** are in Utah? Weird I didn't think that they went there for a like another month at least. I guess they decided to go early. They are great. Things are great here. Although it is quite different from Red hill. Red hill was just like a peaceful little town, but Maidstone is like a proper city and our area is huge. There are lots of places in the area that we can not even make it to because buses just don't go there. Elder Sparks is my new companion and he is a goof. He is from Lindon, he knows some of the same people I do. He went to PG high. So he is a lame viking.
There is not too much going on here if you know what I mean. We have one lady getting baptised this saturday, but she is really our only investigator. Actually that is not true, we met a cool guy named **** last week and we saw him yesterday, he is really cool. So now we have him as an investigator. The area has a ton of potential though. It has been so much fun contacting people on the street. There is a really big high street here, which means there is a really busy town centre. It is fun. Elder Sparks and I meet all kinds of people and we really have fun with it. It is really fun serving with someone from Utah because we have so many things in common.
We are going to a place called Leeds castle today which should be really fun. I have always wanted to go to a castle. A really cool youth from the ward is taking us. The ward here is awesome. They have a great fire for missionary work. I have been blessed to have really good wards on my mission. We ate at the ***** last night.
We had to go in early on Halloween, because apparently Halloween is a day for punk kids here. That is no fun. Anyway, I am good. the work is good. Things are getting cold here haha.The gospel is so amazing. Hope all is well for you.
Love you to death mom. Thanks for all that you do for me. you are the best
Elder Hegerhorst

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