Monday, October 8, 2012

Letter Sent September 30th

Our week was great. It was a really busy one as always. We had a total of 25 teaches which is the best I have had my entire mission. Our investigators are all really cool but a lot of them are not really progressing which is a little frustrating at times. We have a really hard time getting them to church  because they ask "where is your church?" then we have to say Epsom which is a thirty minute drive and there is no way to get there by public transport. So that is not the most fun because coming to church is such a key part in coming closer to Christ.
Man, It sounds like you were in paradise last week. I am extremly jealous. did you look at the weather here in England and think to yourself " wow, we have it good" haha kidding, but the weather has been pretty bad this week. I have bought a suit and a good jacket so no worries. I stay nice and warm. That is a crazy story with those weird break off people.
We had a really cool experience with **** this week. we have been trying to give him a date to be baptised on for a while, but haven't been able to because he thinks that baptism can kind of be put off. We were able to talk to him about how important it is to come into the church as fast as possible and not to procrastinate baptism. In the end he finally received a date and all went well. He is scheduled to be baptised on the 27.  I love teaching people from all over the world. This week we taught people from Pakistan, Romania, Hungary, Brazil,  and England.  That is all I can think of right now, but it really has opened my mind up to things.
It's good to hear that Alex is doing well. Yes, I go to the public library to email so that is nice, but we only get an hour which is why I have to be hurried at times.  Well I love you guys. I am sending Kate something for her birthday but it is going to be late so tell her that it is coming. love you mom.
elder hegerhorst

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  1. It's a sad day for many here in Redhill, Elder Hegerhorst has been relocated to Maidstone in Kent today, the skies are dark as is our hearts a guiding light has been taken from us. His devotion his faith has guided each and everyone of us, his love and his friendship is unsurpassed and he will be a missed by us all and especially by me, having a terminal illness and having Elder Hegerhorst there has been a life line an inspiration to carry on a losing battle with my health, he restored my faith and made me understand that the place where I shall go after my life on earth will bring me everlasting peace and salvation. may the Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ bless you and guide you throughout the rest of your mission this is not goodbye my friend as eventually when the time comes you will join us in the house of the Heavenly Father take care and be safe you are a very special man and we shall miss you and thank you for gracing our lives. Ty