Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mother & family,

How are you? Thank you for you emails, this week has been even busier than last week. We had something called MLC which is a mission leadership meeting, so we had to drive to Kingston.  The catch was that Elder Evans and I were assigned to pick up some sisters so we had to drive to a place called Paignton. The trip was something like 700 miles, so we did a lot of driving. Crazy. We drove to Kingston, dropped off the sisters, then went to another missionaries flat, stayed the night then went to the meeting the next day. It was a good meeting. President Millar and the AP's spoke to us. It was good.  The reason we did not email yesterday was because we were running from place to place. We had to pick up a couch in a city that is about an hour drive from our house. We barley got the couch in the back of the car and we were driving down the freeway when we notices the gas light come on, we were still far away. We also had an MOT which is like safety and emissions. So we ended up just rolling into the shop with no petrol and a couch hanging out of the back. It was really funny! Elder Evans and I laughed a lot.

We are doing some good things here. It has been crazy, but really good. We are setting some good goals for the zone and trying to encourage them to realise their potential as missionaries. Sorry I don't have much time. I will do my best to get you a nice long email next week. Love you all so much, and thanks for your emails. I will get back to you. Have a great week!

Elder Hegerhorst

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